Copywriting and proof-reading

What you say about your organisation is just as important as what you do. Birdbox PR can help make sure you present your organisation in the most professional light with clear, concise, and accurate communications. We can help make sure you use exactly the right tone of voice for your brand, and that it chimes with what you stand for. Whether you are reviewing your printed materials, putting together a campaign or promotion, or creating a report or presentation, what you say should always create a good impression.

Our services include generating original copy, editing and proof-reading existing materials, including reports, publications, direct mail, brochures and leaflets and emails. Don’t worry if your business is specialised or technical, Birdbox PR can tailor your communications especially for your audience

We are in touch with a network of graphic designers and printers and are able to manage projects from start to completion for you.

PR and media

With a good understanding of how the media works, you can gain maximum exposure for your news. Birdbox PR can advise on all aspects of planning, creating, publishing and measuring the impact of public relations activity.

Birdbox PR services include research, campaign planning, advice on crisis communications, and media training.

Online communications

Your online profile can help enormously to raise your profile. Good social media and fresh comment on the issues facing your sector or industry can get you noticed.

A healthy online presence helps to optimise your rankings in website search engines. That means keeping your communications up to date and relevant and making sure they are being seen by the right people.

Birdbox PR can help by planning and broadcasting your messages via social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We can help you to demonstrate that you’re on top of the latest issues in your sector by keeping your blog up to date.

Birdbox PR

Communications planning and project management

You may require help with individual projects such as a change to your organisation, a new product launch or a service improvement. Communicating about change usually involves multiple audiences and timing is critical. We can help by planning and delivering accurate and timely communications, leaving you to get on with the project.

Events management

Events offer a great showcase for your business or organisation and can bring people together cost-effectively to help get your message across.

With professional events management experience embracing summer festivals, awards and celebrations of achievement, marquee-based events, roadshows and outdoor cinema, Birdbox PR can help you to plan, promote and deliver high quality events for your brand.