Could the future be cubed for the WH Smith brand?

Walking past the window of a scruffy WH Smith store recently, it struck me how the brand has changed over time and what a different proposition its brand represents in the 21st century. In the 1970s and 1980s, WH Smith was a premium high street player, trusted alongside Boots as a destination for high quality products…

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Competing to win – who is in your team?

The latest series of The Apprentice reaches a conclusion next week and another £250,000 investment will be decided based on the performance of the best team led by the remaining finalists. The long-running BBC franchise has seen 13 series since 2005 and retains its popularity, and high viewing figures, despite some complaints of format fatigue.…

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Developing brand loyalty through complaints


Do you feel reluctant to complain about poor service or shoddy products? Typically, a business will only hear from four per cent of its dissatisfied customers. There are many reasons for this including the British stiff upper lip and our reluctance to make a fuss.  Good brands love complaints! The four per cent who get…

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Not all logos are brand new

Coop Logo

Thoughts from the Birdbox I have thinking a lot about branding over the last few months as I worked to develop a brief for my own new business. I wanted a name that reflected my interests and acted as an umbrella for several types of communications services. As a marketer, my interest in brands has…

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